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Instructions : Shopping ABO life
to order with virtual store ABO life


  1. You should be identified (log yourself in) (Customer member: address email and password)

To buy and put articles in your virtual basket ABO life:
Click on the product to order, then on the button "In cart" or "Continue Shopping" on store ABO life.
To remove an article of the basket:
it is a question to click in the box on the left of the article to be removed and then to click on the button "Update" in the bottom of the list of the articles.
To modify the quantity of the articles of the basket:
it is a question of putting the number desired in the box and clicking on the button "Update".
To complete the order,
it is necessary to click on "Checkout".
You check then the address of delivery, add a comment to the order if you want.
It is then necessary to click on the button "Continue" and put information for payment,
click on the button "Continue" for validation of information on the order
in any time (before completing your order), you can add an article to your basket ABO life.
It is a question of clicking on the button "Cart contents" located in top at the right-hand side of your screen.
To finish:
When you click on the button "Confirm order", this one will be conveyed with Store ABO life.
You will receive thereafter, at your email address, a confirmation of your order.

  1. If you are a new customer, your account should be created

By creating your account on ABO Life store, you will be able to buy on line more quickly, to be up to date in your orders and to keep trace of your previous purchases.

  With this intention, (when you are in ABO life Virtual Store):
Click on the button "create an account" to reach INFORMATION ON MY ACCOUNT
All the lines identified by the "required" indication are obligatory.
The date of birth must be written in this way: example: (21/05/1970)
  NOTE:  (you can put any date (used at least 1983...) if you do not want to put your personal information
  Months, Day and Year must absolutely separated by "slash"/
  You find this key in the numerical sector of your keyboard, usually with the right-hand side.
  - the year of birth must also be registered in entirety: (for example 1970 and not 70)
  - If the year is shortened or if there is no slash /, an error message will appear and you will have to begin again yourselves.
The area: it is the province, the state or the zone.
The password:
It is the password you want to use in ABO life Virtual Store.
You will have to memorize it for your future uses.


When you completed the information in this page, click on the button "Continue".
Your account will be created and you will be able to sail in
ABO life Virtual Store.

Next time that you visit ABO life Virtual Store,
it will be enough to identify you with your address email and your password.
You will be able:
- to shop more quickly
- to know the new products on line
- to find trace of your previous orders
and still more...

Note: the list of the products is available to the left of your screen under the title "categories".


Policy of forwarding: Canada $16.90 - Quebec: $15.60
the prices vary according to quantity ordered for a weight "X". Thank you

- France, by airplane: 42.60 $ (without tax), basic price
International, by airplane: 42.60 $ (without tax), basic price
IMPORTANT: The prices vary according to the quantity ordered for a weight "X".
After having received an order, we confirm the real cost at your EMAIL address.
Why do we need to do that?
Because several factors are variable: the total weight of the order, prices of transport including the airplane, etc...


Check and money order to ABOLIFE. 
(Your order will not ship until we receive payment.)

Your total invoice is going to be adjusted for exchange rate.

GST tax is the only applicable tax for all provinces of Canada except for Quebec where PST is also applicable.

Example for BC the tax is GST 7% only.  No PST tax


When one item is back order it means a two weeks delay for shipping your order.

Thank you for your understanding.



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