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Nitricycle (60 Veggie caps) 29.95   $


Recent Nobel Prize winning research has led to a deeper understanding of the important role played by an exceedingly simple molecule: nitric oxide. The combination of nitrogen and oxygen, nitric oxide has now been shown to play a critical role in many diseases such as diabetes, cancer, sunburn, anorexia and male impotence. Nitric oxide has also been shown to influence many of our most basic health processes, including even speed and ease by which we learn. In our bodies nitric oxide functions as a "signaling molecule." For example, it can tell the body to make blood vessels relax and widen.

Areas that are known to be influenced by nitric oxide include:

1. LEARNING. Behavioral studies offer further evidence that nitric oxide may play a role in learning. Drugs that interfere with the nitric oxide signaling pathway also interfere with some types of learning tasks (e.g. spatial learning tasks) that require long-term memory formation.

2. BLOOD PRESSURE. Nitric oxide controls blood pressure and prevents formation of blood clots by signaling the muscles that control relaxation and expansion of blood vessels. There is some evidence that the night time urination many people find so disturbing to their sleep may be the result of nocturnal variations in blood pressure that are the result of the fluctuations in nitric oxide activity.

3. HEART/ARTERIES. When arteries become clogged, they produce less nitric oxide than normal. Treatment with nitroglycerin can increase nitric oxide, widening blood vessels and increasing blood flow. Nitric oxide also interacts with blood platelets to decrease platelet aggregation, thus lowering the risk of blood clots.

4. IMMUNITY. Huge quantities of nitric oxide are produced in white blood cells to kill invading bacteria and parasites. White blood cells use nitric oxide to defend the body against tumors. Scientists are investigating whether it can be used to stop the growth of tumors.

5. NERVOUS SYSTEM. Nitric oxide is synthesized in neurons of the central nervous system, where it acts as a mediator with many physiological functions, including the formation of memory, coordination between neuronal activity and blood flow, and modulation of pain.

Although most anyone can benefit from healthy modulation of nitric oxide metabolism, there is some evidence that those individuals who possess the gene for the blood group B antigen (blood groups B and AB) may be more at risk for health problems associated imbalances in nitric oxide metabolism.

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