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Aging: Fight It With The BTD - New
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Arthritis, fight it with the Blood Type Diet - New
Cancer, fight it with the Blood Type Diet - New
Cardiovascular Disease, fight it with the Blood Type Diet - New
Cook Right 4 Your Type - Hard.
Cook Right 4 Your Type - Soft.
Diabetes, fight it with the Blood Type Diet - New
Eat Right 4 Your Type - Hard.
Eat Right 4 Your Baby -Hard.
Fatigue - New
Live Right 4 Your Type - Hard.
Menopause: Manage Its Symptoms BTD - New
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1st Annual Blood Type Diet
Conference (12 audiotapes)
1st Annual Blood Type Diet
  Conference (15 CDs)
Blood Type in Scientific Literature
Blood Type Polymorphism
Eat Right 4 Your Type Audio
Excorpora - Dr. D'Adamo's
  unpublished writings 1981-2003
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The Rheology of Blood Type
Understanding the Blood Type Diet

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Clarifications and updates for Dr Peter D'Adamo's books :

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Live Right 4 Your Type
Audio Book (2 Audiotapes)
29.95   $

"A Comprehensive and fascinating theory.. Meticulously researched."

- Publisher's Weekly 12/04/00.

In Live Right 4 Your Type, perhaps the Magnus opus of the blood type theory, physician/researcher Dr. Peter D'Adamo distills the voluminous data on blood type, physiology and metabolism into a series of fascinating observations and simple guidelines. Live Right 4 Your Type seamlessly follows the path paved by its phenomenally successful predecessor, NY Times bestseller Eat Right 4 Your Type. New data looks at the importance of "secretor subtype" as a refinement to the theory and the use of blood type genetics to help understand the mind-body connection. Extensive new food lists and prescriptive recommendations.

"In Live Right for Your Type, Dr. D'Adamo looks at the psychological and medical peculiarities that seem to predominate in each blood type. Type O's, for example, have lower than average amounts of a brain chemical called dopamine, leading to poor concentration, impulsivity, and hyperactivity. A's tend to manufacture too much cortisol, a stress hormone that can lead to high blood pressure and has been implicated in Alzheimer's disease and cancer. Type B's and AB's clear nitric oxide out of their systems faster, allowing them to calm down more rapidly after stress. Dr. D'Adamo offers detailed lifestyle modifications for each type, including exercise programs and long lists of foods to either seek out or avoid." (12/18/00)

Live Right 4 Your Type in convenient cassette format. Great for car travel or long airline flights.

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